Business Journal: Networking Event Boosts Artists Pay

July 17, 2015


Peter Monfre is tired of seeing hard-working musicians playing an entire night and coming away with at most $50. The occasional musician and president of Clarity Marketing Support Inc., an Austin-based business-to-business marketing firm, is trying to change that by giving musicians and local clubs new ideas about how to bring in new revenue.


Monfre will exhibit his strategy for music fans on July 27 at One-2-One Bar with the Austin Blues Revue, a night of networking and music sponsored by a handful of local businesses whose fees will help to pay the musicians hundreds of dollars each.


I talked to Monfre about his plans to help get more money flowing into musicians’ pockets, and how he plans to interact with clubs and businesses to get them working together.



What prompted you to tackle this issue?

I thought about how long I’ve loved music but there’s no economic justification to get out and perform. I know too many musicians who have played an entire night and walked out of a club with $40 or so, and those are very talented individuals. That motivated me because it’s irksome to see talented people still struggling to survive while Austin as a whole is profiting from music. That’s exploitation, and there’s got to be a better way to make everyone happy.


How do you change that?

It comes from businesses understanding that live music has a super power and they can use it to grow their business by being involved. There are so many ways to do that. I’ve got five sponsors – MCG International, EFG&M Benefits, Tripchamp, and The Texas Team - covering the cost of this show for the musicians and they each get enormous promotional benefit out of it by being part of a very Austin thing. It’s pure promotion for them and we’ve determined that the sponsors will get the benefit of 580,000 impressions in five weeks when you total up all the digital exposure for the event.

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