The Austin Rhythm and Blues Revue

The Austin Rhythm and Blues Revue is a collaboration of over 60 of Austin's preeminent musicians hailing from top acts including B.B. King, Lyle Lovett, Asleep at the Wheel, Johnny Winter, Delbert McClinton, Marcia Ball, Jimmy Vaughan, Muddy Waters Legendary Blues Band, The Fabulous Thunderbirds, Taj Mahal, Dr. John and many more. It just doesn't get any more "Austin" than this.

Whether you need a cool Jazz Quartet, a five piece combo or the full, eight piece experience, the Austin Rhythm and Blues Revue can fit your needs and budget. 

For example, you might need light jazz early in the evening then a show stopping, dance party later. The Austin Rhythm and Blues Revue can cover both saving you the hassle of dealing with two bands.

What makes The Austin Rhythm and Blues Revue different from other "corporate" bands?

Everything. Let's face it. Ninety's cover bands are a dime a dozen. Why not get the real deal? When you choose Austin's finest for your gala, party, or other event you receive a different class of artistry.

You get a level of authenticity no cover band can deliver. These are the players that the legends turn to when they need to make an album or go on tour.

These players are the top blues and jazz pros in the business - and they all reside in Austin, Texas. 

For your next gala or major event, book the Austin Rhythm and Blues Revue and make it way cooler, much easier and memorable for your guests.

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* The Austin Rhythm and Blues Revue bills a fee for music production and performance depending on location, size of band requested, venue technical capabilities and other variables.  The Austin Blues Revue does not represent any specific musicians and cannot guarantee all artist requests. Band members may change depending on availability. Contact us to discuss any specific performers you desire



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A project of the Austin Community Foundation a 501c3 and is not affilliated with Austin City Limits

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